Family Business - Episode 5

Restaurants and garages and barbershops. Connection and loss. Family business.

With guests; my aunt Wendy, talking about the great boiled carp debacle, Frank Pistilli of Inter Auto Repair and the generational divide between feul injection and carburetors and Bevin Felix of MTLbarber - and an overheard miracle in “a space for the community.”

Music by Dr Turtle, Mel Brooks and Hermanas Malagon and Ricardo Rico y su Orquesta.

As always, our beautiful theme is from Dr Drinkling.

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Very Carefully Episode 2 of Close Enough

Episode 2 of my podcast about Closeness and Distance. Contributors to today’s show were Orit F, Mayan S, and Chana L, Menachem F and Elana F.

Dr Drinkling’s track “Late Nights” that you heard at the top of the show is our new theme music! Thank you so much Dr. Drinkling. Please go to his Band Camp page and support his beautiful, dreamy work.

Other music on the show was, "As a Porcupine Pines for its Pork" by Billy Jones and Ernest Hare and Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra, playing the absolutely beautiful “Praying the Blues.”  The Grand Duo Concertant opus 48 for clarinet and piano by Carl Maria von Weber was performed by William McColl, clarinet and Joseph Levine, piano which is shared under a creative commons share alike license.

Thanks to the Juno-nominated Gabriel Paquin-Buki for supplying clarinet squeaks and noises.

Thanks to my friend Norm for speaking so open heartedly about his experience of being a dad.

The letters from Johanna Schopenhauer to her son, the very grumpy German philosopher were read by Tally Abecassis whose wonderful podcast “First Day Back” you should download as soon as you are finished here. The translations were adapted from David E. Cartwright’s Schopenhauer: A Biography.