The most valuable learning I have done as a therapist has been through supervision. Supervision has provided me practical tools and theoretical orientation to be a better therapist. It has been an important source of support for this difficult but satisfying work and a space to reflect on my career goals.

I love giving clinical supervision. I enjoy being able to help clinicians clarify for themselves how they understand the situations they are seeing. I find it very gratifying share my experience and knowledge and help others to grow towards their professional goals.

I have experience with a wide variety of clients and settings which helps me to understand what clinicians are seeing in most kinds of kind of practice. I am a social worker, a couple and family therapist and psychotherapist. My areas of particular expertise are; high-conflict couples, borderline personality disorder in a community setting (though not eating disorders) and acceptance of powerful negative emotions.

Call me at 514 799-6965 if you want to talk about ongoing or short-term supervision.