Tools for When Kids Lie

Some basics for dealing with kids and teens when they lie.  Parents often find this very difficult because they worry that a child or teen who lies will grow up to be a liar.  The fact is every kid lies at some point (as does every parent) and few people are chronic liars.  I hope these will help you if you feel like you are at the end of your rope.  One thing I didn't have space to point out in the printable: I mention various punishments or consequences in the printables.  These are examples and not recommendations per se It is important for you to set consequences you feel okay with (within the limits of not physically harming or humiliating a child or making a child afraid for his/her safety).  I may make a printable about consequences at some point so be sure to check back. 

This is the second in the Fridge Magnet Therapy printables series.  I love feedback so please let me know if/how these are helpful.  

You can click on the image which will take you to a pdf or on this link. Lying

Illustrations are by Alice Carsey (Pinocchio 1916)  and Charles Copeland (Pinocchio in Africa, 1911)